Don’t let what you don’t have stop you!

Have you ever looked around and said to yourself, man I don’t have this or I don’t have that in order to do that in which I’d like to do.  Well, if you are like me I have. But what I have learned especially within the last couple of years or so is this, not to let what I don’t have stop me, but instead to simply work with what I do have. And by doing that I can testify as I did, meaning created with just what I had at that present time, the missing pieces I needed finally came forth. However, note they did not appear until I first stepped out into the deep and worked what I had and then when the missing pieces did come, guess what?  They were right on time.

Therefore, I’d like to encourage you as I continue to encourage me with these words being, “Don’t let what you don’t have to stop you, but instead move forth anyway and trust God to bring what you need.” 

I have heard it said that sometimes we as a people like to wait till the perfect condition appears before we do such and such but what I have also heard is what if that perfect situation never comes, then what?

Therefore, do start with one piece at a time and keep adding the next and eventually I am quite certain when it’s all said and done you will have a beautiful finished product.

What have you been putting off doing all because you are waiting for such and such to show up?

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