For Such a Time as This!

You have been chosen
Handpicked by God to come forth for such a time as this
Chosen to stand and not be backed down due to the spirit of intimidation
Chosen to walk out your identity with boldness and confidence
For the sake of the nations
Not to be a copycat of the next, oh no!
But instead, to be unique the original, as God Almighty
Has called and created you to be.
For such a time as this God is knocking,
Knocking upon the door of your heart,
Saying, “Please, my child, go forth and do your part. Please, display my creative art
And even, if some may think you are straight insane
Its OK, because to do all I’ve called and predestined you for
You will have to go against the grain.”
Therefore, refuse to just sit there and watch time pass you by
Because, again, for such a time as this,
You have been chosen and destined.
Do you want rest? Do you want sleep? Well, here’s your instruction:
Keep on faith walking,
Lay hold of that which is rightfully yours,
Finding purpose and fulfillment in Christ Jesus who died to set you free.
And know, to everything there is a season,
Hence the reason
You have been called to embrace this time.
So don’t think, but know
That for such a time as this
You have been chosen,
Placed on a Heavenly assignment,
Put on God’s itinerary to manifest,
Which means you’re not a won’t-happen,
You’re not a might-happen
But instead, you are guaranteed.
Thus, do, Be.
And of course, only with the help of the Trinity
Leading and guiding thee…

Mark 16:15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…”
All Rights Reserved Scribed by Sista Sepia

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