With everything that’s within me
I still,
Could never truly express
The totality of you…
The Almighty.

I mean honestly,
My words, they just do it no justice
Compared to your vastness and greatness.

For you are inexpressible
And though Lord,
You know, I try and try
Through every part of my being
Even still,
It just, does not measure up.

For when I do try to communicate you to others
Many just look at me
Like, I’m completely crazy.

Yet Lord,
You are ever so real
And ever, so personable to me.

Though no, with my natural eyes, I can’t see you
Still, it’s as though, you’re always right here,
Always ever present, and always so near.

In fact,
One of the greatest things I love about our relationship
Is your nearness, I feel.
To know,
I can communicate with you about anything
And to know,
Not only do you hear
But also care,
Not to mention, respond.
That is priceless.

Thus the reason, why I say,
You are so, so, so….

2014 All Rights Reserved

Scribed By Sepia Gladden

I invite you to listen to my Touching Souls segments that air every Tues. and Thurs. on Food For your Soul Radio Show with India Hines on Love860am at 2pm.

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