Lord, Render Me Immovable

Render Me Immovable 

Render me immovable

Stop me in my tracks

Let the weight of Your glory, the kawbod, kavod (Hebrew words for glory)

Stop me, cause me to be immobile

Where the spirit of You, in me,

Causes my heart to bow

From literally, being overwhelmed with worship and praise unto You,

Left in a state, of complete awe of You and Your goodness

Yes, render me immovable

Where You and I, have that divine 1 on 1 undeniable encounter

Where You and Your presence, literally just over takes me

and I allow You, to be You

Doing whatever and ALL You desire to do,

Where You heal me, love on me, fill me, reveal You, and reveal the You, in me,

Where I even, authentically, allow You to love and show me my destiny,

Like You did, with Moses, at the burning bush

Where there You are, the great I Am,

Yes, even in just my ordinary day,

When I may not be, so called, in that particular physical spiritual place per se,

But yet again,

In my normal day to day, in my car, kitchen, bathroom, place of assignment

known by others, as a job,

Yet, THERE YOU ARE, where Heaven and earth kiss, and I too, can testify

That the Lord is here, here in this place just like Jacob, and I too, didn’t even know it, my Lord… (below see Genesis 28:16 nkjv)

Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.”

Inspiration: I wrote this on an ordinary day, while cleaning my home and listening to worship music, and as I did, I miraculously, was left immovable, to the point where, I was in complete awe and knew without question, I had had an encounter with the Almighty. Where something divine took place, and that, not only, was I feeling a freedom, release, and impartation at that moment, but that I too, would see, even the more, manifested from that divine moment, as time unfolded.

Looking back recently, at this written record of that time, I can indeed, testify now, that something huge in my life, did in fact, happen. For not long after, that divine moment, I witnessed the Lord do a long awaited miracle in my life. For I had been waiting on the Lord, to release and usher me into something, He told me would do years prior, and glory to God, my eyes, beheld His mighty strong hand perform just that. Today, I am forever grateful and grateful that I stopped, in that moment, from cleaning to instead, just bask, receive and worship, though at the time, of course, I did not know the fullness of what was happening. Now though, I know, I looked completely foolish to my family, as I just wept and worshiped, yet, I am grateful, the Father, helped me not quench the move of the Holy Spirit, that I could experience the extraordinary, happen in my ordinary day.

Even now, as I write about this here, I too, am reminded, how I had another encounter of such, being, while I was at my assignment (job as known by others) where the Lord, divinely revealed to me, while in my ordinary day, who my husband was to be, by name, and not only, was I completely shocked, but where my co-workers, who surrounded me, who were not Christians, could tell, I had had an encounter, where they said, “Did you see a ghost or something,”and others said, “You have a glow,” and others said, “You are pale is everything ok?” It was truly, a moment where I was left immoveable, and as you know, having been married soon  to be 17 years, it was a life changing encounter.


Thank You Father, for these divine moments, of Your glory, in our lives. Help us Lord, to DO prepare ourselves in You, even the more, to have these moments and that, when they come, we can know, something supernatural, is indeed happening. Amen.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit.

Do you as well, have a like experience, where you too, where rendered immoveable. If so, please DO share here, to testify of the Father’s awesomness in your life.

Sepia Gladden 2019 All Rights Reserved

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